Why Dehydrate Food?

The benefits to dehydrating your foods are very great indeed. Aside from preserving your food in a safe and natural way, there are also several health and economical benefits too.

Far healthier than other preserving methods

Studies show that artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives are not good for our health. Unfortunately most foods that we now buy contain one or more of these ingredients. Even much of the so-called “fresh” produce we find are pumped full of artificial preservatives to prevent spoiling.

Food dehydrators give us a safe and natural way to preserve and store many foods. The great part is, your favorite foods can easily be dried out without losing any of the vital enzymes, minerals and nutrients that we need (unlike many other forms of preserving food).

Provides a healthy snack alternative for kids

Let’s face it – kids (and adults) love snack foods. Usually when we talk about “snacks” we think of things like candy or potato chips. But with the world obesity levels climbing higher and higher each day, dehydrated foods provide a perfect, healthy alternative.

Dried fruits are a great substitute for sugary sweets, while dehydrated vegetables make a tasty alternative to potato chips. Plus the kids will have a fun time helping you with the dehydration process.

Saves you money

You can get some great discounts on food items simply by buying in bulk. Fruit, vegetable and meat wholesalers offer fantastic incentives to get people buying their produce in bulk.

The great thing about buying in bulk is that you can eat all you want when you first bring your produce home, and just dehydrate what you can’t eat to save for another day. Dried foods last a lot longer than fresh foods, so you won’t have to worry about it spoiling for a very long time.

Many people who use food dehydrators even preserve large amounts of food and then sell their excess stock to friends and neighbors. So they actually MAKE money year after year from their food dehydrator.

Dehydrated food can be stored for years

We all love the idea of saving money by buying our fruits, vegetables and meat products in bulk. The problem is, we often end up throwing away a lot of the bulk items we buy because they spoil faster than we can eat them.

Dehydrated foods have a massive shelf life (some as long as 20 years!) if stored properly. Simply dry out some of your favorite foods and keep them stored away for snacks or emergencies.

Easy to store

When you use a food dehydrator, you are essentially removing all of the water content from that item. Since most fruits and vegetables typically consist of 80-90% water, and meats contain roughly 50-75% water content, you can image how much volume you are removing when you extract the water.

As such, dried foods often take up less than half the space required to store the same item if it were fresh or frozen. So if you have limited space in your kitchen, it might be time you invested in a food dehydrator.