6 Reasons Why You Need a Food Dehydrator

Like many kitchen appliances, the food dehydrator helps you to process and keep food in good condition. I find it extremely useful in many ways because it helps me keep vegetables and fruits for a longer period of time, preventing wastage and helping me to save money (during tough economic times, you’d want to save money by making full use of the foodstuff you buy). The food dehydrator is one appliance you can’t miss having.

If you own one, it’s time to get it up and running again! If you don’t, read on; here are 6 reasons why you need a food dehydrator:

1. Prevent food wastage and cut cost

Have you ever thrown away food because they turned bad even before you get to consume them? I’ve done that and I felt really guilty after that. Throwing away foodstuff is never a good idea (especially if you have kids around and they observe your every move). First off, you should be keeping track of the amount of fruits and vegetables you use and how much excess you have. I know that it’s cheaper to buy groceries in bulk but what if you can’t finish them? Then your best solution would be the food dehydrator. With it, you get to store food up to months. It also comes in handy during winter when you want to prepare a decent meal. Finding bags and jars of chopped vegetables makes cooking a pleasure.

2. Prepare healthy snacks

Kids love snacks. It’s a universal truth. In fact, snacks are a great way to fill up those times between meals. Using the dehydrator, you can make dried fruits; anything from strawberry to banana or apple, and your kids will love it! Without the water content in fruits, they taste sweeter- sweet enough to satisfy the strongest sugar cravings.

3. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables for a healthier lifestyle

By preserving fruits and vegetables, you can enjoy them for a longer period of time. This naturally encourages you to store up on vegetables, knowing that you don’t have to worry about rotten food!

4. Preserve nutritional value of food

By doing your own preservation, you can process food when they are fresh and have full control over the amount of processing. Better still, grow your own garden and you can reap the freshest, insecticide-free vegetables and fruits. Home preserved high quality food gives good nutritional value.

5. Homemade food makes good gifts

This is a tip I learned from mum. Don’t know what to get for a friend? Why not make some delicious assortment of dried berries as a gift? I bet she’ll appreciate it very much!

6. Do more than dehydrating food: Try potpourri!

This is really simple to do and you won’t have to buy air freshener again. Just mix some flowers and dry them evenly. Then, add a sprinkle of essential oil of your choice. Voila! You have your own personal air freshener.

These are 6 great reasons why you should get a food dehydrator.

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