A Beef Jerky Maker Is Nice To Have

Beef Jerky maker is an appliance that uses warm air to dry out the juices of the beef and turns it in to beef jerky. These are a great thing to have; you can dry all your meats out for jerky. There are many flavors you can make such as, “bar-be cue”, “hot and spicy, “teriyaki”, hickory smoked and many other flavors to make. You can make jerky out of any meat that you desire however the most common meat used is beef.

A Beef Jerky Maker Can Create Healthy Snacks For Your Family

They have many beef jerky makers on the market that comes in many shapes, size, and forms, depending on what you are looking for. When you are looking to purchase a beef jerky maker you should always look at the size of it make sure it has plenty of room for the air to flow through. Another thing you should look at when you want to purchase one is the size of the fan that is circulating the air through the tunnels inside the maker; the fan is what helps dry out the desired meat.

A beef jerky maker is very affordable and a good appliance to have as well. What a beef jerky maker does is that it dehydrates the beef to a very tasty household snack for the whole family. When you use a beef jerky maker what it is doing is drying out all the blood and juices from the meat allowing it to be a dried out tender peace of meat.

There is many beef jerky makers offer such as 9, tray, 5 trays, 4 trays, depending on what sizes you would prefer. The nine trays offer a 7”fan at 600 watts 9 trays with 15 square feet of drying area, 9 polyscreen tray liners, and it has adjustable temp. From 85f-145 f this item is called the Excalibur series.

The 5 tray Excalibur is a great choice for a medium size kitchen it offers a 5”/400watts, 5 trays with 8 square feet of drying area, 5 polyscreen tray liners and it has an adjustable temp from 85f-145f. Its is a great appliance to have in your home, if you like beef jerky then you will need to purchase this beef jerky maker.

The 4 tray Excalibur is great little appliance to have in your  kitchen it offer a 4”fan/220 watts, 4 trays with 4 square feet of drying area, 4 polyscreen tray liners, and adjustable temp from 85f-145f. Its small but it works just as well as the bigger models you will be happy with any of these beef jerky makers. When you purchase one of these beef jerky maker models, you and your family will enjoy making your own beef jerky.

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